Sermons from March 2015

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Have You Seen the Light?

Have You Seen the Light

Have You Seen the Light? John 8:12-18 Q: How many Episcopalians does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: TWELVE – one to do the work and 11 to serve on the committee. Q: How many Presbyterians does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: FIFTEEN – 6 to do a feasibility study, […]

All Are Wanted; Some We Can’t Do Without

All Are Wanted

All are wanted, some we can’t do without.   Philippians 1:3-7; 4:1, 15   Paul organized many churches and his interest in them never ceased! This was only natural! He had put much blood, sweat, and tears into them. Some of these churches pleased him, some of them disappointed him! It seems that the church […]

Anyone In Trouble?

Anyone In Trouble

Anyone In Trouble? What are we to do? James 5:13-18 Trouble. Can life be lived without any trouble? No, it’s an impossibility because we live in a fallen world . I think all parents have some trouble with their kids. Children are a wonderful blessings from God but with them comes trouble. If nothing else, […]