Sermons from June 2015

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We are the body, the church. Acts 2:41-47

one body

Acts 2:41-47 We are the body, the church. What is our Goal? Have you ever tried to travel across the country without a map? I know some of you ladies are probably elbowing your husband right now, reminding him of how he seems to take off and travel without knowing for sure where he’s going. […]

Be The Father God Wants You To Be!” Proverbs 20:6


Be The Father God Wants You To Be!” Proverbs 20:6                         I believe that God has clearly spoken to me that if I really love the men of our church, I will bring this challenge today. This is not about the past, so don’t let Satan discourage you…this is about future prevention and […]

“Don’t Harden Your Heart!”

heart harden

“Don’t Harden Your Heart!” Hebrews 3:7-19 Why is it that we as people have so much trouble heeding warnings? Sometimes it’s because we misunderstand. Such is the case with the story many times in the forest parks we visit there are signs everywhere, “DO NOT FEED THE BEARS.” Still when a bear is spotted, people […]

“Every Christian Needs To Grow Up!”


“Every Christian Needs To Grow Up!” Hebrews 5:11–6:2 I heard about a man whose best friend went on a short trip back home to attend a class reunion from the small town high school  He seemed really excited so his friend was happy for him the story went.  He was to return on Sunday evening […]